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The rain fell softly as the storm pounded the earth and your existence began- Stephen Redman

Stephen Redman

Much of Stephen's Photography have been inspired by the influences that stirred him to write his poem, Shadowland, that is shared with your here today. Please visit the Shadowland Gallery to find your favorite image.


Years ago I met you in the shadow of the sand,
a part of me walked the sky,
the other walked the land.

In my heart I dreamed that
I would someday hope to find,
in this incessant journey my home,
up in the sky.

I believe you are a memory of a place long ago,
that carries the secret of a world,
where in my mind I feel at home.

You will never leave me as when I walk with you I know,
you are built from all my unborn dreams.
the foundation of my soul.

I want to breath your breath inside of me,
through the breeze,
for my fatherland is the earth, my mother is the sea.

This is the place I feel, alas, my journey will finally end,
where I will walk the earth no more,
and the cross will be my friend...

Stephen J. Redman
Shadowland Photography


Always and Forever Print 11" x14"
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Always and Forever Fine Art Photography - image




Shadowland image taken on the beach with cross

(c) 1997 Stephen Redman
Photo taken at Sleeping Bear Dunes, cross carried to the top of the dune by Redman.

Stephen's photographs help support his dream of building the Shadowland School, Art Gallery and Tree Nursery on his property in White Cloud. All prints are available for purchase with conventional high resolution photographic printing or on Gator board or canvas. Pricing will be available online soon. Visit Shadowland Online Portfolio Gallery if Images .

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